It’s unreal… I wish it is


“Lahat naman tayo darating sa ganito, nauna lang ako.” (We will all come to this point, my turn just came earlier.)

Those were the words of a friend when I attended to her mom’s funeral last May 2015. Strangely, every word on her statement pinched my heart. They left a mark to me. They’re like an echo whispering to my ears from time to time… up to now.

More than six months later – four days after my 24th birthday – on December 29, 2015 at 6:03 PM, the most important person of my life – my very own mother – passed away.

I have so many questions. Why my Mama has taken away from us? Why? She’s only 49. She’s been a good person, a good friend, a good wife, and a good mother… Why?

My world has shattered. My greatest fear has come. But yes, ofcourse… I have to face it, and someday, accept it.

I may not know “why?” as of now, but I’m holding on to the thought that God has better plans for me, for my family.

Mama has thought me how to be tough in every storm. I have to be strong. I have to… for Mama.




Nanuyot na ang luha
Ubos na ang mga ngiti
Kasabay ng iyong paglisan
At pangako mong binali

Hindi na muling luluha
Pero pipiliting muling ngumiti
Nang pag-ibig nati’y talikuran
Pinatunayang isa kang pagkakamali

Pag-ibig at Gitara


Sa patid na kwerdas, musika’y ‘di perpekto

Kapag naman nakumpleto, maaaring wala sa tono

Pipihitin, titimplahin, anim na letra’y pag-iisahin

Pipikit, makikinig, unti-unting bubuo ng awit

Tutugtog, iindak, magpaparaya sa saliw

Sa tuwinang magtagpo ang puso’t himig, uusbong ang pag-ibig

Get lost…


When things get rough, when life turns tough…

Get lost with the music…

Scream and shout, sing your heart out…

Hum and strum, make romance with the guitar…

Close your eyes, listen to that sweet melody…

Let every rhythm fill in your soul…

Why not give us a try?


A piece of paper and a pen
My hand keeps on writing your name

Confessed you love me too last night
Your eyes gleamed, then you hugged me tight

A happy ending, I thought it was
But you whispered, “it can’t be us”

I grabbed your hand and asked “why?”
You turned away, then left without goodbye

Soliloquizing while sipping wine
Wondering why you can’t be mine

Daranak Falls: An Unexpected Adventure

As the saying goes, “Kapag hindi pinaplano, natutuloy.” And it is really was as my college friends and I decided to go to Daranak Falls (Tanay, Rizal) right after we woke up. We just came from a sleepover in a friend’s house in Cainta, Rizal that day so it was easy to say “Yes” when one asked “Are you up for some adventure?” It happened at its most perfect time as we were all burned out with our respective lives as fresh college graduates, and we needed a quick escape.

How to get there:

We came from Cainta (Greenland Subdivision), so we rode a jeep to Junction, rode another jeep to Tanay Market, and then rode a tricycle to Daranak Falls. If I am not mistaken, there’s a trip to Tanay in Starmall EDSA corner Shaw Blvd.


Entrance fee (As of January 13, 2013): Adult – P20, Children – P15

Budget: Approximately P400 (fare, food, cottage fee)


We spent less, yet we got more. (Tamang-tama para sa mga naghihikahos na fresh grads). Our eyes were filled with the lushes of green and wondrous rock formations. Our bodies were pampered by the fresh air and cold clear water. We could’t say nothing but… thank you, Daranak Falls for sparing us from the fast-paced life in cities for even a while.


Aside from witnessing another God’s marvelous gifts to mankind, what completed this whole adventure is enjoying every moments with good friends.

As we went home, we have to accept the truth – we had to embrace and get back to the reality. Thank you again, Daranak Falls.

Photos by: Deejho Ongtangco


Pangalawang Buhay

Narito ako’t matuwid na titindig

Sa konkretong nakahanay sa gilid ng asul na tubig

Pikit-matang magpapatihulog

Wawakasan ang pagal sa pagkalunod


Sa kawalan magpapaanod

Bibingihin ng alon

Tatakasan ng hangin

Bubulagin ng asin


Iduduyan ng karimlan

Ito na ba ang katapusan?

Dalawampung dipang katubigan

Susundo na ba ang kamatayan?


Liwanag pa’y gumuguhit

Araw sa balat ay humahalik

Pag-asa man ay nauupos

Laba(n)’y di pa rito natatapos


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